Big Brothers Big Sisters Launches “Notable Bigs” & “Thank You” Video Campaigns

Local Missions-Focused Marketing Company Moser Visuals
Donates Majority of 2013-2014 Marketing Campaign to
Youth Charity Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee

[dropcap]Knoxville’s leading youth mentoring charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee, and Knoxville’s leading missions-minded media and marketing company, Moser Visuals, partnered to produce two video campaigns—one of which launches this month on Comcast.[/dropcap]

The new television ad campaign focuses on thanking current volunteers and donors for their contributions, and features many of the “littles” (“little brothers” and “little sisters”) expressing their thanks to their “big” (“big brother” or “big sister”). Moser Visuals donated most of the costs of both campaigns to Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) to help get exposure for the successful efforts BBBS has in helping kids in our area find quality role models to mentor them.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee is grateful to Moser Visuals and owner Ben K. Moser for their involvement in two of our recent video campaigns. They donated a large majority of both campaigns and still produced excellent online and television ads for BBBSETN,” said Doug Kose, Executive Director for BBBS of East Tennessee.

Knoxville-Production-Company_Video-Production-Knoxville_Moser-Visuals_Comcast_Big-Brothers-Big-Sisters-of-East-Tennessee[dropcap]The second video campaign donated and produced by Moser Visuals for BBBS involves local celebrities who volunteer as “bigs” sharing their experience and how being a mentor has helped them as well as the child they mentor. These notable “bigs” included the voice of the Vols—Bob Kesling, Radio Systems CEO Randy Boyd, Visit Knoxville Communications Director Erin Donovan, and Tennessee Air National Guard Captain Brandon Hardin.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters mission is to help children reach their potential through one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth. Similarly, Moser Visuals’ mission “is to create opportunities for people to help other people simply by investing in top-quality photography, video production, and digital design experiences,” said Moser. “Big Brothers Big Sisters’ new video campaign is a prime example of how our clients support great causes in our community and internationally through our relationship with the Chadasha Foundation. We are thrilled that BBBS chose us for this project.”

“We are excited to use these new videos for promoting our organization’s mission to new and current volunteers and donors, and we look forward to partnering with Moser Visuals for our visual media and marketing projects in the future,” said Kose. “Moser Visuals is making a real difference in our local community, and we sincerely appreciate their investment in the youth of East Tennessee.”[/dropcap]

[dropcap]Moser Visuals pays it forward to other great causes as well—both locally and internationally. Beyond the Big Brothers Big Sisters partnership, Moser Visuals has donated time and/or money in 2013 to the Chadasha Foundation (Haiti, Dominican Republic), Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Knoxville), Restavek Freedom Foundation (Haiti), the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts of America (Knoxville), Professional Photographers of East Tennessee, Business Network International (East Tennessee), Calvary Baptist Church (Knoxville), and Men of Fire For God (Knoxville), among others.[/dropcap]

More information about Big Brothers Big Sister of East Tennessee and Moser Visuals, as well as the videos for the campaigns can be found at moservisuals.com.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with owner Ben K. Moser, please contact Moser Visuals via phone (865.229.6673) or email (ben@moservisuals.com).

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