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Community Feature: 5 Easy Tips to Help Prevent “Text Neck” Strain


Editor’s Note: This information is provided as an educational service to our community and is part of our local guest post series.

This post was submitted by Scoles Family Chiropractic! You can find their information at the bottom of the article.


[dropcap]Our modern digital age has brought us many conveniences. BlackBerry devices, iPhones, tablets, smart phones, and e-readers allow us to communicate and be entertained with the push of a button. Technology can improve our quality of life, but it comes with a price: being huddled over devices for long period of times can do more harm than good.

textneck_scolesfamilychiropracticUsing certain devices for extended periods of time can easily lead to neck strain, headaches, and pain in the shoulders, arms, and hands. Anyone who has used a cell phone or tablet for an extensive amount of time has probably experienced the peculiar strain it puts on your upper body. These conditions even have their own name now: Text Neck.[/dropcap]

Here are some simple strategies to help shut down text neck strain:

  1. Take frequent breaks
    Taking frequent breaks and looking up from your device can provide your neck with some relief from the pressure of looking down.
  2. Sit up straight
    It is important to sit up straight while texting. This way you can maintain good posture, relieving your back and shoulders from the strain of being hunched over.
  3. Hold the phone a little higher
    Holding the phone closer to eye level helps maintain a healthy posture and puts less strain on the neck.
  4. Stretch
    Be sure to stretch often between long periods of extended use of devices. You can rotate your shoulders with your arms by your sides to relieve tension. You can also look up towards the ceiling – this helps to relieve some of the tension in your neck built from the common forward-down position you adopt when looking at your device.
  5. See your chiropractor
    When the spine is in this position for a long period of time, it can shift out of alignment and result in long term health problems. A Doctor of Chiropractic can analyze and correct these misalignments, allowing normal nerve supply to the body.


Thank you to Scoles Family Chiropractic for sharing these helpful tips with us for the betterment of our community here in the Knoxville area! If you are looking for chiropractic services, or are curious about chiropractic care, we highly recommend Drs. Andy and Jennifer Scoles. They do a great job at educating their patients on how to live healthier lives, the process of chiropractic care, and much more. Their motto is simply, “We move the bone, God does the healing!”

You can get in touch with and find them here:

Scoles Family Chiropractic


Do you have helpful information to share with our community? Let us know and we may be able to feature your tips on the blog!


Do you have personal experience with text neck? Have you found other helpful ways to alleviate or prevent the pain? Share your thoughts below!

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